Secondary Polytechnic School, Olomouc, 79 Roosevelt Street

Secondary Polytechnic School is a secondary vocational school controlled by Olomouc Regional Authority. It is one of the largest colleges in Olomouc and is also determined to provide the best vocational education and training opportunities for its students. We have about 800 students aged between 15 and 26. Education at our school is free of charge. The top management of the school cooperates with the school board.

We offer a range of full-time programmes to suit everyone. All of our courses are supported by excellent facilities, including three computer rooms with the Internet access. At our college we aim to provide students of all ages with the knowledge, skills and experience to equip them for life. We work in partnership with employers locally, nationally and internationally to ensure our courses are matched to today’s standards and the needs of tomorrow.

Our school has one main campus where you can find several facilities: a school building, a completely new and very modern gym-hall, an open sports ground with tennis courts and a track and fields ground, workshops for practical training, an assembly hall, a school canteen and a hall of residence. Spring and summer camps for students are organized at our camp in Břestek nearby Uherské Hradiště in south Moravia. As for winter ski camp we mainly go to the Jeseníky Mountains.

165 students or apprentices, who wish or need, can live in a hall of residence which is a part of the school campus. They have access to a wide range of sports and leisure activities. The school canteen cooks the meals for the students and all the staff .

We Offer a Wide Range of Courses

About 800 apprentices attend our school. Studies are divided into theoretical and practical ones. Our school has a wide range of courses to choose from. New courses are continually being developed to ensure our students have the skills and qualifications they need for further study and employment.

The school provides courses for the purpose of covering the needs of local organizations and companies in Olomouc region in these areas:

  • Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
  • Building Studies
  • Carpentry and Joinery.
  • Business Studies – shop assistant of the technical specialization
  • Construction -internal plumbing and electrotechnical distributions


♣  twelve three-year full-time courses leading to the vocational qualifications

  • car-mechanics (additional skills-driving licence for cars and lorries)
  • motor vehicle electricians (additional skills-driving licence for cars)
  • machine tinsmiths (additional skills-shielded arc welding licence, driving licence)
  • locksmiths (additional skills-shielded arc welding licence)
  • joiners
  • plumbers (additional skills-gas welding licence)
  • painters and decorators
  • carpenters
  • bricklayers
  • tiler
  • construction tinsmiths
  • bricklaying foundations

♣  three two-year full-time courses designed for a higher level of the technical vocational education finished with a special examination called „The School-Leaving Examination“

  • operation technology
  • wood and cabinet production
  • construction technology

♣  two four-year full-time courses finished with a special examination called „The School-Leaving Examination“ designed for students who have finished compulsory education at elementary schools

  • mechanic of the distribution and electrical intallations and buildings
  • shop assistant of the technical specialization

We are planning to provide the most up-to-date education and training in these fields so that the quality of education could be compared with the EU countries‘ standard of education. The development of our courses is a continuous process so we would like to improve teaching and training programmes and  to modernize technical facilities as well.

The best students who meet the demanding criteria are awarded a special certificate of Chamber of Commerce.

As for international contacts we cooperate with schools in Kungsbacka in Sweden and in Hof in Germany within the framework of European Union educational programmes such as Leonardo da Vinci or Comenius Programmes.

In cooperation with the Local Job Centre we organize retraining courses according to labour needs, we organize professional courses, workshops and qualifying exams which enable those interested to run a licensed trade.

Our Secondary Polytechnic School enables students and the public to obtain a driving licence for cars and lorries and to obtain welding licence. It also serves as a training centre for drivers.

In the school car repair service we offer the public these car testing operations – front axle alignment, wheel balancing, exhaust emission measurement, motor-vehicle diagnostics and repairs of the motor-vehicle electrical system.

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